Are you invisible to your potential customers?
You are if you can’t be found on the Internet.

Whether you own a small business, large company or work for a non-profit organization, you need an effective website to compete in today’s marketplace. A reported 73% of adults use the Internet as their main source of information when making decisions about where to do business. You can’t afford to stay invisible any longer!

Effective Website Design & Development
Does your site encourage buyers to do business with you?

At Firefly Web Studios, every site we develop is built with your success in mind. We take pride in providing the best website solutions and strategies for each business’ individual needs. We utilize the best proven technology and programming available to make sure each website looks professional and is easily found on the web. We partner with our clients to target our efforts toward their specific customer type. And Firefly Web Studios’ Websites provide the best site visitor experience possible; helping to convert more visitors into paying customers.


Web Marketing & Strategy

In addition to solid website design and development, Firefly Web Studios offers strategic web marketing and related web services to enable you to maximize your site results. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Website Redesign
Smart Internet Marketing
E-Commerce Solutions
Online Directory Advertising
Logo Development
Domain Registration
Content Writing/Editing
Content Management Sites
Site Success Enhancement
Google Maps Registration/Correction
Proven E-mail Marketing
Graphic Design
Website Hosting
Professional Image Sourcing

Whether you are looking to develop a new website, needing to redesign your existing website, or just thinking about finding out more, we’d love the opportunity to talk to you. Call us today for a free no-obligation web needs assessment.

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The Best Website Solution for Your Business
One size does not fit all!

Websites create a strong visible online presence that is essential in today’s difficult economy. Websites are also the most economical way to reach new and existing customers. At Firefly Web Studios, we offer a full spectrum of website products and services. While we are fully capable of large, complex website design, we believe that small to medium sized businesses are also important and deserve the same quality of site design and service. Our website products include:

Custom Design Websites

  Studio Design Websites   Business Snapshot Websites
Custom Design Websites   Studio Design Sites   Business Snapshot Sites

Larger sites typically require more planning and strategy; and a custom approach to design and development. Anything goes with Firefly Custom Design Websites. We utilize your vision to create exactly what you want. Custom designs are typically five pages or more in size and can incorporate multiple links, images, photo galleries, motion, feedback forms, video and many other options. They ensure the best visitor experience and company impression.


Our mid-sized Studio Design Sites are an excellent choice for the small to medium sized business looking to make a positive, professional impression while keeping costs in line. They include all the design and functionality of our larger sites, but at a more modest cost. As with our Custom Design Websites, these mid-size sites enable your business to add pages and options as your business needs change or budget allows.


Affordable, effective and professional. Perfect for small to medium size businesses who don’t currently have an internet presence but don’t want to invest time or resources in a larger site right now due to budget or time demands. Our Business Snapshot Sites have the professional look, feel and search engine compatibility of our Studio Design and Custom Design sites, but are smaller in scope. Ask how you can trade in your Business Snapshot Website for a larger site when you’re ready to grow.

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